Episode 03: Dave Ross, Jake Weisman & Allen Strickland Williams (Women) at IHOP

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In episode 03 of Grabbing Lunch, Matt sits down with Dave Ross (Terrified podcast on Nerdist), Jake Weisman (Huffington Post) and Allen Strickland Williams (Vice) of the sketch comedy group Women; at the IHOP in West Hollywood.

You’ll hear the context of these quotes:

“I’m going to go to my minivan and blow my brains out.” – Dave Ross

“Combo de Crepa passaporte international.” – Jake Weisman

“Hey look, that dog outside is wearing sunglasses.” – Allen Strickland Williams

You’ll learn:

Who is the only talented member of the sketch group WOMEN? Who was impeached by the National Honor’s Society?* (*It was more than 1) Who was the MAJOR celebrity sitting 3 booths down from us?

Plus, here’s are some links to the things we talked about; AKA “The Check List.”

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